Quum solution and consequent data has been used e.g., in the following academic research papers:

Haapanen, L., Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, P., & Puumalainen, K. (2020). When strategic consensus matters: dynamic managerial capabilities and firm internationalization as seen by TMT. Cross Cultural & Strategic Management. This article won an award for Outstanding Paper in the 2021 Emerald Literati Awards.

Haapanen, L., Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, P., & Hermes, J. (2018). Firm functions and the nature of competitive advantage in internationalizing SMEs.International Journal of Innovation Management, 22(03), 1850022.

Haapanen, L., Juntunen, M., & Juntunen, J.(2016). Firms' capability portfolios throughout international expansion: alatent class approach. Journal of Business Research, 69(12), 5578-5586.


“Quum analysis revealed numerous places for improvement, which we had not yet recognized ourselves. We will discuss the results in our management board andalign our operations accordingly.”
Mikko Heinonen, Voimatel Oy (Finnish energy sector enterprise)
“We have just finished analyzing more than 30 firms. We saved our time and efforts, and we still got in-depth data to help these firms.”
Olli Paavola, Talentree Oy (Finnish consulting firm)
“We have used Quum solution as a platform. We created our own statements to the Quum platform and collected answers from Finnish and Swedish firms.”
Pertti Wathen, Tampere University
“We have been using Quum analysis for many years both in small and medium sized firms. Quum analysis not only shows the strengths but reveals places for improvement - that quite often reside in surprising issues. Quum analysis has been the tool identifying the true building blocks for further growth.”
Juha Merinen, SMART Internationalization Oy
“Our customers note that their eyes have opened already when filling in the Quum analysis. Quum statements focus on the most relevant points in regard the business development. Furthermore, the results of the Quum analysis help in           prioritizing and grasping the right things.”
Sanna Leppänen, Toimitusjohtajakoulu


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